Matt and Allison

Our Story

It was Fall 2012. Matt had recently moved home to Nashville, and Allison was starting her master's year at Vanderbilt. One August evening, they met through a mutual friend - Max Dutcher - Matt's roommate and Allison's classmate. Matt joined the MAcc class for a night out on the town, complete with a visit to Nashville's famed karaoke bar, Lonnie's. Although sparks flew, it wasn't until several months later that Allison finally agreed to go out on a date with Matt - after a few missed opportunities and Allison's internship in New York. In May 2013, Matt and Allison went on their first date. It was at that dinner, with Allison sneaking peeks at the score of the hockey game (because it's the cup!), that Matt knew she was the one for him.

Soon after, in July 2013, Allison said goodbye to Nashville to pursue her lifelong dream of living in New York City. Even though they were at the start of their relationship, they figured they'd give long distance a shot. After four years of layovers, weather delays, skype dates, phone chats, whirlwind weekends, and late night busy season phone calls, Allison decided that it was time to leave New York and rejoin the piece of her heart that she had left back in Nashville.

Since moving back to Nashville, Matt and Allison have shared many adventures together. Allison has learned to embrace all of the football and hockey that cable TV has to offer, keeping them scheduled out for most of the year. She has learned to carefully watch Matt as he sneaks in spicy ingredients while making dinner, for fear of another "mini bell pepper" incident. Matt has embraced all of the Buterbaugh's favorite pastimes - skiing at 7Springs, getting scuba certified, and even taking up golfing to get some quality time in with Dr. B.

Nine months after they finally reunited in the same city, Matt decided to make it official. On Easter Sunday, and coincidentally April Fool's Day, Matt waited for Allison in her Nashville apartment as she made her way back from a weekend with her family. As soon as she opened the door, she knew that moment would be the start of the rest of their lives together.

We will be forever grateful to our friends and families for enjoying this wild ride with us. We look forward to celebrating with you in July 2019 as we begin our next great adventure together!
Kasia Labocki